I love quests. I really do.

I believe my passion for quests grew in my heart as a child, as my parents took us with them to visit all 50 States before my high school graduation. THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!

I wanted to be like Indiana Jones, trekking through the Amazon on a quest for a lost civilization.

One of my earlier dreams was to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, finally realized in 2015, on a solo trip!.

I’ve always felt a need to make big goals and chase them down. Some of my goals have been more meaningful than others. I’ve had to make choices, plan resources for travel and race entry fees, learning frugality by cooking my own meals and going without cable and internet… yes…

I’m happy with the accomplishments that I’ve made and I don’t regret any of the choices I’ve made to get there. My goal setting is important to me and is a deep part of who I am.

I am currently on a quest to complete a full marathon in all 50 United States that began in 2006. (Current count: 37). I’m also on a quest to knock off each of my bucket list items, one of which is a quest to read 100 Books to Read Before You Die lists (only 17 left!).

Through my job and life, I’m often reminding of the limited time that we have on Earth. I sometimes feel an urgency to accomplish the things that matter to me. I love travel and I try to fit travel into my life as often as possibly. I enjoy my marathon trips because I get to see an area on foot, interact with local people and experience each climate in each area of the US. I love our international trips because I’m fortunate to encounter experiences like none I’ve had before. And traveling with my husband brings us much closer together. Traveling with my family and friends is sometimes a challenge, and makes the trips even more fun.

If you are like me, I invite you to please follow my journey and provide feedback and inspiration. I love hearing stories of people chasing and accomplishing their dreams, and any good travel story! Send my your bucket lists!

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