My Bucket List

1.  Run a marathon.  DONE 10/06 (Chicago, Illinois)

2. Run a marathon in every State in America.  (37 DONE see map of races completed)

3.  Run a sub-4:30 marathon.

4. Travel to all 7 continents (5 DONE-N. America, S. America, Europe, Africa, Asia).

5.  Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. DONE 05/03-06/15

6.  Trek to Everest Base Camp.

7.  Complete a triathlon.

8.  Eat pad thai in Thailand. DONE 12/2/17

9.  Take tango lessons in Argentina.

10.  Bike across the Upper Penninsula, Michigan.

11.  Cruise Alaska with my family.  DONE 08/1997 , 08/2016 (Anchorage, Alaska)

12.  Take my niece Natalie to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.

13.  Drink a beer at Oktoberfest.  DONE 09/19/15

14.  Learn Arabic.

15.  Learn to speak 4 languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic).

16.  Have a 15 minute conversation with a stranger in a foreign language.  DONE 11/2014 (Spanish, Coba, Mexico)

17.  Get out of financial debt. DONE 10/2010

18.  Make boeuf bourguignon.  DONE 01/2015

19.  Host a dinner party for 10 friends.  DONE 01/2015

20.  Start a blog.  DONE 01/2015

21.  Learn to surf.

22.  Hike the Appalachian Trail.

23.  Attend Burning Man.

24.  Show up at the airport and take the first available flight to somewhere I’ve never been.

25.  See the Northern Lights.

26. Visit Times Square. DONE 02/02/16

27.  Perform one pull-up.

28.  Can my own pickles. DONE 10/02/16

29.  Be my own boss.  (Does AirBnB count?!?)

30.  Walk everyday for 30 consecutive days. DONE 04/23/15

31.  Run everyday for 30 consecutive days.

32.  Climb Pikes Peak (in a car). DONE 09/19/16

33.  Memorize all of the country names and their capitals.

34.  Learn to ride a motorcycle.

35.  Own my own home.  DONE 09/2012 (Oak Park, Michigan)

36.  Learn to fly an airplane.

37.  Go skydiving.  DONE 11/2010 (Tecumseh, Michigan)

38.  Go hiking in a rainforest.  DONE 09/2014 (Quepos, Costa Rica) (and 05/2015 Amazon, Peru)

39.  Feel the touch of a hummingbirds wings against my skin.  DONE 09/2014 (Monteverde, Costa Rica)

40.  Go on a dog sledding expedition. DONE 08/18/16 (Skagway, Alaska)

41.  Eat pasta in Italy.

42.  Ride a camel in the desert. DONE 04/27/16 (Marrakech, Morocco)

43.  Run an international Marathon.  DONE 04/25/16 (Madrid, Spain)

44.  SCUBA dive the Great Barrier Reef.

45.  Stand under a waterfall.  DONE 09/2014 (Fortuna, Costa Rica)

46.  Marry the man of my dreams.  DONE!!!  11/14/15

47.  Visit Cuba.  DONE 10/11/16

48.  Complete my TEFL course.  DONE 03/08/17

49.  Take pictures of penguins on Antarctica.

50.  Visit Beirut, Lebanon as an adult.

51.  Paint the interior of  my house. (Proud to say I’m half way there!!)

52.  Publish a photograph in National Geographic.

53.  Take a ride in a hot air balloon.

54.  Complete my top 100 Classics Must Read Before I die list (74 down and counting…)

Anything I’m missing? What’s on your Bucket List?  Share in the comments:

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  1. You can check a couple more off 🙂 and add one you didn’t even know was on your list: run a Marathon in a foreign country. 🙂

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