Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

We were cruising into Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve and a small boat carrying National Park Service employees pulled up beside our ship.  A rope ladder was lowered, and the NPS rangers climbed aboard. 

The National Park Service (celebrating 100 years of service this week!!!) gave a presentation to the cruise passengers on the history and importance of this great land area.  They also guided us through the Bay, getting on the loud speakers and pointing out wildlife such as mountain goats, humpback whales, seals, Stellar sea lions, tufted puffins(!!!), and orcas for us to see. 


  I was lucky to spot a brown bear on the distant shoreline! 

We spent the day at sea, watching the mountains and the icebergs pass by, as we made our way toward the many glaciers of Glacier Bay. 

We marveled at the Margerie Glacier, a 21 foot long tidal wave glacier, and watched it calving into the sea.  




The wonderful Dining Sewards served hot pea soup to the guests watching from the decks on this chilly, windy day.   Hot spiked drinks were also offered. 

 There were some days where the cruise ship felt confining.   However, I felt that this day at sea was uplifting, relaxing, and exactly what my spirit needed.  It was nice to be quiet and reflective and I gazed at the vast beauty of mountains and ice. 



 The next day, we cruised at sea into Seward, where we debarked and were driven by coach bus to Denali National Park.  Stay tuned as our Alaskan adventure continues…  

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