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European Engagement, Part 4: Amsterdam (again!)


It dawns on me that Jeff is still going to buy a ring in Belgium, so I’m fairly certain I can expect proposal #4.   Hmm… 5 proposals makes much more sense than 4.  It just has a better “ring” to it, don’t you think?

I have an idea.  I will propose to Jeff!!! 

We walked around romantic Amsterdam holding hands.  We visiting shops, coffee houses, brown cafes, and museums.  We gaped at the Red Light District.  We rented bikes and meandered through the countryside.  

Hmm… when was the right moment?   There were plenty, but I needed witnesses….

We walked to the I am Amsterdam sign.  Witnesses! Everywhere! 

I asked a nearby couple to take a picture of us in front of the sign, and I bent down on one knee and presented Jeff with Ken’s ring.   He laughed.   He heartily accepted.   The photographer couple thought it was real (or the first, I should say).   

I proposed to Jeff!
He said Yes!

Have you proposed to your man? Do you know anyone who has? Share in the comments below!

And now I look forward to the final proposal….

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