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European Engagement, Part 3: Amsterdam


The next several days were a mix of excitement, exploration, headaches and haze as a result of the Oktoberfest good cheer and newfound engagement.

We wandered through Munich, Berlin, and Amsterdam, and I treasured my new ring, which I struggled to keep on my thumb.

We climbed Bell towers, examined The Wall, ate gelato and strolled past lamp-lit canals.

I had been enjoying this new engagement, and enjoying every moment of it.  And at some point the thought occurred to me… 

How am I going to explain to my mom that we got engaged at Oktoberfest, and it’s all kind of a haze?  (I hadn’t received the proposal video yet…)

Jeff had now told me that he had planned to buy a diamond ring in Antwerp, the diamond capital of Europe, as part of his Belgian heritage.

I figured this was my chance to hide the Oktoberfest part from my mom and my teetotaler relatives (sorry Mom!), and when we walked along a tree lined path, along one of the many canal waterways, the moon shining overheard, I asked Jeff to ask me again, right then and there, so I’d have a clear memory or everything.

Ladies, asking your boyfriend to propose THREE times might not be the thing to do…

Jeff lovingly honored my request, and we were engaged in Amsterdam….

It’s become fun to get engaged in each country we visit!  And we haven’t even reached Belgium yet.

Stay tuned for Part 4….

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