African Lion Safari

I’ve always wanted to experience an African Safari, but the cost has been so prohibitive for me.

Enter, the African Lion Safari, Canada’s safari experience, located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Living near Detroit, Canada is an easily accessible and affordable travel destination for my family.

Having seen a friend post pictures of her experience at African Lion Safari, I’ve been wanting to visit ever since.

After some last minute travel plans fell through, I decided to book a night at the charming Frederick Street Inn bed and breakfast and planned to visit Hamilton, Canada.

Frederick Street Inn
Frederick Street Inn, built in 1830s
Master Suite, with ensuite bathroom
Master Suite, with ensuite bathroom

Oceania pedestal tub
Oceania pedestal tub, with self cleaning jets!

Friday, we drove to the Inn, checked in and headed to the African Lion Safari.

We drove into the 9 reserve grounds in our own vehicle, stopping at the caged entry way of the first reserve.

We proceeded past exotic birds and llamas in the Nairobi Santuary and into the Lion Country reserve.

After going through another caged entry, we found ourselves staring into the faces of 6 very large, very intimidating lions.  We watched as they lazed around and gently played together.

Next, we saw the White Lions.  They, too, were lazily sleeping.  One lioness lay awake on the ground next to our car, not at all distressed that we were staring and taking hundreds of photos.

I was in awe at the size of their paws.  I wasn’t about to DARE opening my windows for better pictures.

Next, we drove into the baboon reserve, and watched the baboons run about, play with each other and jump around their structure.   The keepers threw monkey food to them while we were there.

Next up, the zebras, rhinos, emu, wildebeest and giraffe Reserve.  This may have been my favorite.

Our final Reserve was the Americas, featuring elk, buffalo and fallow deer.

By this point, a torrential downpour fell upon us.  We had wanted to enter the compound and see the predatory hawks, elephants, and tropical birds.   Today, this just wasn’t meant to be.  By the time we exited the parking lot, there were 5 inches of rain in the driveway.

We celebrated our day with a burger and fries from our favorite Canadian burger spot The Burger’s Priest.  We went to the Guelph location, followed by a walk through the adjoining mall.

I found my new favorite Canadian store: Indigo.  As a book store AND home goods store, feauturing journals, pillows, blankets, mugs, candles and kitchen ware, this was a magical place.

We retired to the Frederick Street Inn for some hot tea and a soak in the claw foot tub.

Tomorrow’s adventure: Dundurn Castle, Hamilton, Canada

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      1. lol the lengths we will go for the amazing photo! I held my camera on a catwalk over a gorge and risked losing it for a great shot! lol sometimes it’s worth it! 🙂

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