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Toronto in 36 hours


Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and is home to many world class shops, cafes and attractions.   

Last weekend, my husband and I drove to Toronto to visit this world class city for a short, 36 hours.

We used a free hotel night from to book a stay at the Westin Harbour Castle, overlooking the Toronto Harbour and Toronto Islands.

Our room at Westin Harbour Castle, overlooking the Harbour

From the waterfront, we walked North into the downtown business district and over to Chinatown.  En route, we discovered the underground PATH pedestrian walkways that connect many of the downtown buildings together, and is comprised of shops, eateries and charming markets.  I really enjoyed visiting the Hudson’s Bay Food court.

PATH shops
My husband Jeff LOVES burgers, and we stumbled upon the tasty Toronto chain The Burger’s Priest.  To. Die. For.   They also have a secret menu! 

“The High Priest” at The Burger’s Priest

Once we reached Chinatown, we walked around the shops filled with ginger, tea, and everyday wares.

Toronto’s Chinatown

Next up, we found ourselves standing on the tallest observation tower in the Western Hemisphere.  The CN tower, built in 1976, is 553 meters high.  It held the record for “world’s tallest free-standing structure” and “world’s tallest tower” for 34 years. 

Standing on the glass floor at the CN Tower
Observatory Deck, CN Tower
It was a chilly day, but the views from the outside deck made the bone-chilling winds worth it.

Toronto’s frozen harbour in January
The next morning, we visited the St. Lawrence Market, a massive, bustling daily  farmers market that features over 100 vendors.

I was delighted to find several stalls selling Pasteis de Nata, Portuguese custard tarts that are famous in Lisbon.  Toronto hosts a large Portuese population.

St. Lawrence Market
Churrasco, home to the Portuguese Custard Tarts
St. Lawrence Market, over 100 daily vendors
We snacked on St. Urbain’s Montreal style sesame seed bagels and shared a hot plate of Pasta Mia’s tortellini.

St. Urbain’s Montreal style bagels
Fresh made pasta at Pasta Mia’s
I enjoyed wandering throughout the market and taking in the sights.  European jams and chocolate, fresh butters and cheeses, as every type of meat imaginable can be found in Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market.

Finally, to wrap up the short trip, we visited the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto
Here, at the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Stanley Cup remains on display, along with hundreds of other trophies, champions rings, jerseys and memorabilia.   Jeff was in awe!

Stanley Cup at the Hockey Hall of Fame
We can’t wait to visit Toronto again soon.   The warmer months would be perfect for visiting Toronto.  I’d like to come back and visit the Toronto Islands, Casa Loma, outdoor festivals and more!

Have you visited Toronto? What was your favorite memory?  List in the comments below.

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