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How to Pack for any Trip


In August, my family and I are preparing to take a 14 day Alaskan cruise, including visiting Denali National Park.  There will be 10 in our party, ranging from children to seniors, with different levels of travel experience and interests.  We will need to be prepared for a range of temperatures and surroundings (sunny excursions, cold evening boat deck winds, poolside lounging, evening dress for the Cruise dinners, and outdoor gear for hiking Denali).

To help my family (and any budget minded traveler, really) pack appropriately and try to avoid pricey airline baggage fees, I’ve put together these quick tips and packing advice.

Packing tips

Suggested Packing List:

Items to include in your carry on:

Additional items if you are running a marathon (or just like to stay fit on the road), included in carry on:

Items to include in your carry on OR checked luggage:

Packing Don’ts:

Most importantly, enjoy your trip.  Make memories that will last a lifetime.  Don’t let the little things like packing and getting there cause you to stress.

Safe travels!

Katie 🙂
Do you have any great packing tips you want to share?  Comment below:

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