Little Rock Marathon

Last week, I ran the Little Rock Marathon in Arkansas’s capital city.  It was a delight!

Each year, the race organizers plan the race around a central theme and each year, the medals increase in size.  This year’s theme was “Game On” and everything was designed or decorated to look like game pieces from popular board games.   
 The Expo featured life-sized games such as Battleship and Connect Four, and the race instructions were printed like board game instructions. 

The Spring race route winded through beautiful and historic areas of Little Rock, over the Arkankas River, past the magnificent Capitol Building and over rolling hills accented by flowering trees. 

Runners wore costumes that included: dominoes, the Queen of Hearts, a Wheel of Fortune wheel, and dice.

Aide stations were designed as Candyland cotton candy, Monopoly property pieces, and a Couch Potato Mile, complete with inviting couches! 

 I even got to meet the Governor of Arkansas as he was cheering runners on! 

The Little Rock Marathon is such a well executed, perfectly designed race that welcomes all types of runners, especially with its 8 hour time limit.  Best of all, the many runners, race volunteers and spectators were so warm, friendly and encouraging! That is what truly makes a great race!

Arkansas was my 21st state marathon! The medal is bigger than my head! 

Thank you Little Rock! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit! 

 The runner behind me had the best tutu I’d ever seen!  I tried to keep up with her for half of the race! 🙂  I ❤️ runners! Street car outside of the historic log home.Bill Clinton’s presidential running shoes, on display at the beautiful Old State House.
 Old State House

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